import CSV data files easily

If you collect student enquiries at UCAS student conventions using UCAS Media's scanning service, you will soon receive a CSV file of all the students you scanned on the day.

You can then import those students directly into Student CRM, and it only takes a few minutes to do. In fact it doesn't have to have come from UCAS Media, it can be any CSV student data file that you have. NB: we have strict opt-in restrictions you need to adhere to.

By matching the columns in your CSV files to the fields in Student CRM (and we have made that really easy) you can quickly import thousands of new students into your Student CRM in only a few clicks.

Yes, it matches existing students if they already exist, or creates new students if they don't. Once imported, each student is automatically sent a welcome email or SMS, depending on the Workflow you selected when importing.

This is the easiest data import tool you will have ever used. It saves you time and helps you grow your students easily and quickly.

Our intelligent importing system immediately returns any records that didn't quite make the grade on the first import, so you can tidy them up (yes, we add plain English reasons like "the Year of Entry is missing" in each rejected record to help you tidy up) and you can then re-import those corrections. Simple.

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