Feature Ideas

The ideas for new features usually come from our clients. Clients request new features in the online Student CRM Community and all users, across all universities, vote for their favourite features and the best ones get built. There are usually anywhere from 30 to 100 feature requests in the Community at any one time, and we review these weekly.

If you are an existing user, the best way to get the most out of your Student CRM is to get involved. Talk to our support team, chat with other users from other universities, ask questions, suggest new features, tell us what you like and don’t like, and tell us how well it is meeting your needs.

Some of the most popular features have been suggested by users who have asked us ‘could you also make it do...’ and we have responded ‘brilliant idea, yes we can’.

Good software never stands still, not for a moment. We have continued to invest in people and resources to allow us to accelerate the pace at which Student CRM is evolving. Each week we maintain a list of new features currently in development that will be available in the future weeks or months. Every day our in-house developers here in the UK are coding and releasing new code, following our product roadmap.

Over the last 6 months we have updated (major updates) Student CRM twelve times. This means that about twice every month we fix bugs, add new features, and enhance existing features, making it faster, better and easier to use. And we have been doing this for years and years. Users can read all about each update in Student CRM>Help Centre>Announcements.

So, where is Student CRM going in the next few years? Exactly where it needs to - to stay the UK’s most loved student recruitment CRM - it’s going where our clients want it to go.

Many of our users' feature ideas have been moved into development. Click here to see our Product Timeline (past features) and Product Roadmap (future features) to see what's planned.