Integrations - Enhancing the value of your Student CRM

The Student CRM Partner Directory is where you can see all the current services and technology that Student CRM is partnered with and how they can help make your experience with Student CRM easier and more effective. Here are a few examples of how these partnerships can help you: 

dataHE Ltd - Helps you extract maximum value from your university's student recruitment data and the HE industry data. 1) assess, optimise and improve your student recruitment strategy, 2) build a competitive portfolio, 3) build an effective internal data science capability that continues to drive your strategy and underpins your execution.


Facebook Pixel - Facebook Pixel is an analytics tool that tracks visitor actions on your site. For example, when a student looks at a course, Facebook uses that data to help you understand your audience and target students for ad campaigns.


Google Analytics - Optimise your web forms' performance until you have a completion rate percentage that makes your competitors jealous.


Indigo Iris -  Benefit from years of experience in managing and optimising CRM programmes in UK universities. Take advantage of best practice in setting both strategic AND operational business


Leila Willingham - Leila has become an ambassador and voice for Gen Z on the South Coast, and is respected for expressing her opinion and kick-starting change. Leila is your trusted sounding board for all recruitment concepts and campaign ideas aimed at undergraduates or students, ensuring your content ‘ticks the Gen Z boxes’.


MapsPeople - Getting lost on large and complex campuses is now a thing of the past. Ensures you improve the university experience for open day visitors, and visitors navigate seamlessly from outdoor to indoor because they know how to get where they are going and how long it will take to walk.


Matt Desmier - Having run a highly successful HEI Enterprise Team, Matt Desmier (Wise Old Uncle) understands Universities. Coupled with his strategic branding expertise, this experience manifests itself as a unique perspective perfect for contemporary educational marketing.


Meet and Engage -  Meet and Engage Ltd provides a real-time engagement chat platform for Higher Education. This means that your University can create and host (on the Meet and Engage platform) group or 121 chat sessions for your offer-holders, or any other segment in your Student CRM database.


Share This - No coding required, just paste in your ShareThis ID and your Share This buttons magically appear, so that your web visitors can share your content for you.


TERMINALFOUR - Capture student data in 100% GDPR compliant web forms. Log a more complete picture of each student's activities by including web page views in your Student Database.


A Thousand Monkeys - get increased open rates, clickthrough rates, conversion rates. All outcomes are measured before and after for demonstrable improvements.


Tribal - Applications from SITS are matched to students in the Student CRM’s Student Database app. Any updates are applied to both the application (ie: a status update) and the student (ie: a phone number update). If no matching student is found then a new student record is created in the Student Database app and the new application record is added in the Applications app. If a matching student is found but has no application, the application is created in the Applications app against that matched student.


WPM Education - Log a more complete picture of the student's activities by including financial transactions taken in your WPM Payment Platform.




Be sure to visit the Student CRM Directory for more on how the partnerships we have at Student CRM can add more value to your Student CRM.