Our Project Management

We manage the implementation of your Student CRM using professional Project Management software, and following established PM practices to ensure success.

We assign you one Project Manager here at Student CRM as well as several Student CRM team members, all of whom are visible in Teamwork.

We break the project down into Milestones and work with you and your team on Tasks to achieve those milestones in time.

By encouraging open communication streams between project team members we are able to respond to changes.

  1. We manage your project including allocating task responsibility, timescales and milestones to individuals.
  2. You can satisfy your senior stakeholders by producing reports, visibility of the plan and Gantt charts showing progress towards delivery.
  3. You can stay up-to-date with daily task updates by email, simply ticking tasks off when you have completed them.
  4. We can order the tasks into priority and set dependencies between tasks - one task can’t start before another is completed.
  5. You can use the Apple or Android app on your tablet when away from your desk.

Whether you are new to implementing new IT projects or are a battle-hardened Prince2 practitioner, we will ensure that the implementation of your Student CRM stays on track and you stay fully informed throughout.

The online tool we use is called Teamwork.com.  This tool allows you to monitor progress on your desktop, laptop or tablet, in real time. You can get involved at whatever level you choose and we can invite your colleagues in too.