lego people

We're looking for developers who want to build code one line at a time!

There are lots of reasons to join us but we chose just five:

/1 Be part of a growing software company

We're growing because we're successful, and we're successful because we have system users who love our CRM and our CRM was built in-house by the DH dev team. (Just check out our love-o-meter for yourself!)

/2 Choose your own tech

Everyone has their favourite kit. We want you to be happy, comfortable and enjoy what you do and where you're doing it - so choose your own tech and get coding!

/3 Receive a £200 headphone budget

We understand the need to protect our devs from the daily noise of a busy office and headphones are how we do it. Choose your headphones, put them on, listen to your tunes and we won't interrupt you!

/4 Never work on your birthday

Have the day off on us and know you'll never have to work your birthday again! Enough said.

/5 Vibrant south coast developer community

You're at PHP South Coast so you know what we're talking about but just so you know, our devs get to enjoy the developer vibe by attending conferences such as PHPNW, re:develop and of course this year PHP South Coast.


  • Are you interested?
  • Can you bring expertise to the table?
  • Want to work for the UK's most loved student recruitment solution?

Well what are you waiting for?

Send your cv to careers@dataharvesting.com and we'll be in touch.