we are Always evolving

One of the benefits of the way we develop new features and apps is that we do ship frequently. New stuff appears just when and where users want it to. 

With our in-house Developers working alongside our Customer Service team, we know our users' likes, dislikes and must-have features. With 28 product updates in the last year alone, you can see our investment in your success.

We publish, and update monthly, our Product Timeline to keep you updated.

our Transparent roadmap

Our product vision driving Student CRM's development is: "to become ever more useful to our users".

All DHers are focussed on making users' lives more productive, more straightforward and personally rewarding as they engage with our software in their daily work.

As a company we are transparent about where our product is going. We publish, and update monthly, our Public Roadmap for all to see.

Our open dialogue builds a stronger product.