prospectus request

Collect and fulfil online requests for a university prospectus

The Prospectus Requests app ensures you fulfil online or postal prospectus requests from potential students.

Students' details are collected online and sent in secure batches to your mailing house ready for same-day dispatch.


If the student has requested a PDF prospectus it is delivered instantly by email as a link to the PDF stored in the CRM’s Document Library. Emailing PDFs reduce the Establishment’s printing, postage, storage and fulfilment costs.

Each day's batch of requests can be sent directly to the mailing house as a data file or as a batch of ready-to-print mailing label PDFs (other mailing house and data addressing formats are also supported). Each student gets automatically followed-up with a series of personalised and branded touchpoints to increase engagement.

  • No more anonymous PDF downloads.
  • Provide digital or postal fulfilment.
  • Data automatically and securely sent to mailing house.
prospectus request

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