Workflows are smart processes that automatically send timely scheduled communications out to your students on your behalf.

By using workflows, you can ensure students always receive relevant, personalised, branded messages from your recruitment officers without them lifting a finger.  


Your workflows are constantly running 24:7, looking for the next messages to be sent out and creating them all at the right time, on the right days and with the right content.

Workflow automation increases efficiencies by predetermining a set of message templates (called Touchpoints) to be sent out on certain dates. Each message can be delivered as email, SMS, letter or label.

Some apps have a built-in default workflow, comprising a series of default touchpoints and timings, which has been optimised for that particular app. We apply your branding to the default email templates as a part of the initial set-up process, as we follow the App Set-up Checklist for each app. You can provide your own html templates if you prefer.

New Workflow Controls give you the ability to shut down all outbound communications from your Applications app (APS) during your own selected Embargo Periods. You can now pause Workflows for an hour, a day, a month or forever.






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