Almost 50% of universities plan to recruit more students

According to an article in The Guardian last week, almost half of UK-based universities plan to increase their student intake within the next five years. With this in mind, universities will have to work harder to recruit students as the government predicts there could be up to 45,000 extra undergraduate places this year alone.

Lifting the cap and increased competition means that universities will require better marketing, better communications and better targeting to ensure courses are full and student conversions rates are high.

Thankfully Student CRM helps universities to market to students pre enrolment by:


Capturing data

Collect students' details on iPads at recruitment events. Read about our DH Mobile app.

Handling enquiries

With a clever database of answers to ensure your team is consistent and responds quickly. Check out our Enquiries app.

Enhancing communications

By having touchpoints which are triggered when a student completes an action or attends an event, saving valuable admin time. See workflows and touchpoints.

Managing prospectus requests

Which can be sent straight to your fulfilment house. See our Prospectus Requests app.

Organising open day bookings

To make it simple for students to book and build their personalised programme for the day. See our Applicant Open Day app and Pre-Applicant Open Day app.

Centralising your student records

So that all recruitment activities are stored and reported in one place.

Analysing recruitment activities

To see which are your best performing months or activities.

No wonder we're the UK's most loved student recruitment solution!