project management

We manage the implementation of your Student CRM using professional Project Management software, and following established PM practices to ensure success.

product roadmap

Good software NEVER stands still. So we've got a team of Developers who are constantly coding, creating and enhancing Student CRM. 

We encourage our users to submit new feature ideas into our forum which other users can vote for. The most popular features then get built into our system.


Our universities regularly say how much they love our team / Student CRM. The automation, simple interface, growing features and our friendly team all contribute to making your student recruitment run more smoothly.

We even have the first live Love-o-meter which displays our customer satisfaction rating in real-time. Clever stuff!

Here's some of the lovely things they have to say.

data harvesting

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At Data Harvesting we are committed to recruiting and retaining a high performing and high quality workforce.

We've been in the industry since 1996 and have fully competent customer service, marketing and development teams of talented individuals who all contribute to making Student CRM the UK's most loved solution.

Take a look at what it takes to work with us.