document library

Document Library

Used by recruitment teams to keep documents linked to in emails fresh with a lifetime link to the latest document version online in the cloud.

Monitor and manage your university's marketing materials.

Document Library is an online storage repository for linking to your important documents or marketing materials for files including CSV, PDF, XLS, DOC, JPG, PNG, GIF and many others.

document library

Store an unlimited number of documents (maximum size per file is 50MB).

Upon uploading a document a short-link is created. To update to a newest version (ie: a new Campus Map) you simply replace the old map with the new one, and all your marketing communications that have the short-link in, now automatically go to the new map. This both saves time and ensures that all students always have the most up to date information. 

Every document is tracked with statistics (how many times each item has been downloaded and the date and time, displayed in a chart) making housekeeping easy.

Sharing your latest university's marketing materials has never been easier.

document library

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