courses and subjects

Courses & Subjects

Drives subject and course drop-downs in all web forms to offer the latest course information to students, and used to filter activity reports by.

Used in public facing CRM forms to collect course preferences as well as subject preferences from prospective students.

This information can then be used to tailor your automated communications according to their chosen subjects and courses.

Your course list drives your recruitment activities, ie: if a student chooses 2016 entry, you want your enquiry form to dynamically display only 2016 courses for the student to select. If they choose 2017 entry then only 2017 courses will display. This is built into all CRM forms and is driven by the Courses & Subjects app.

You can group courses within subjects to prevent long scrolling lists, as well as assigning them to their faculty.

This handy app keeps course lists separate for different years, allowing you to make changes easily, and see those changes reflected in real-time through the CRM.

courses and subjects

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Courses and Subjects

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