DH Mobile

So, you've downloaded our DH Mobile app from the App Store and want to know more. Well you've come to the right place!

It's our most popular app for recruitment teams looking to recruit more students to their university or college.

See DH Mobile for yourself by requesting a TOKEN and PIN. 3...2...1...GO!

Have a good look around and submit some test data. If you like what you see (which we're sure you do) in order for you to start collecting real student data at recruitment events and filtering straight into your CRM, you'll need a Student CRM account and an Occurrence of Data Harvesting's Mobile Event Capture running. You'll need to contact Data Harvesting and we can talk you through the process of getting your very own Student CRM for this to all work perfectly and increase the performance of your student recruitment 01202 477855.

Take a look at our other apps which work in unison to provide you with the very best student recruitment solution. There are 26 in total, each geared towards helping you to recruit more students.

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