Head of IT Services: Executive Summary


When the University procures any third-party technology, your department's involvement is often a foregone conclusion. We already work with ITS in many UK Universities. The more we can do to reduce demand on your department's resources the better, so we provide a professional integration service.


DATA management

  • Legacy data file migration service.
  • Entry point data hygiene controls.
  • Intelligent record de-duplication.
  • Student records instantly updated with activities.

PLATFORM performance

  • Multi-tenant SaaS Student CRM platform.
  • Hosted and managed cloud infrastructure by Rackspace in the UK.
  • 99.9% availability SLA with monitoring



  • In-house Agile development team.
  • Weekly releases with zero performance degradation.
  • Community-supported feature requests.

user management & support

  • Self-service user management in the CRM.
  • Granular access permissions per user.
  • Customer Services resolve all user tickets. 


Systems integration

  • Flexible and capable integrations service.
  • One-way or two-way data synchronisation.
  • Hosted web services ready to add into your site.
  • Well documented APIs in our Dev Centre.


  • Secure managed software and hardware.
  • ISO27001 UK data centre.
  • User actions logged for threat analysis.
  • Strong password enforcement.