Make your University's open days sticky

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I think UK university events officers are the best

It's a fact, you're a miracle worker and an unsung open day hero making a difference to many students' lives.

You and your Events team efficiently coordinate students, faculties, lecturers and student ambassadors so they are each in the right place at the right time. You arrange travel, parking, buses, taxis, coffee, food and guidance all day long. You ensure every visitor arriving on campus know how to make the best of the few hours exploring what the future can hold.

People always find a solution, with or without a software solution like Student CRM, as these mini miracle workers (like you) always seem to pull a rabbit out of the hat.

Ben Reynolds, Business Development Manager at Data Harvesting says:
“the extra time saved allows you to make the little differences that your visitors appreciate. Real human moments, for example:

A student turns up at an open day. Upon arrival they get a personal welcome from a Student Ambassador Gemma, who hands them their own personal programme (she explains “just in case your phone’s battery runs out and you can’t access it online later in the day”). Gemma knows the student's name, where they travelled from and that the student needs wheelchair access at 11:15 in the West Hall. Gemma hands them the campus WiFi code and then her mobile number in case the student needs more info.”

All this information in stored within Student CRM’s apps, and can be delivered where it is best used.

How can we help improve your open days?

  • Need to increase your online open day bookings?
  • Need more registrants to turn up on the day?
  • Find sending pre and post-event emails time-consuming?

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Ben Reynolds
Business Development Manager
Data Harvesting