What is different about our solution?

It's a CRM built specially to meet the unique challenges faced by UK Universities. It runs in the Cloud. It's a SaaS platform and it is now used by many UK Universities in preference to their old systems.



We have all seen too many other CRMs that started life as a USA commercial CRM and got bent over double to try to squeeze in the unique features that UK HEIs need.

We respect those mighty platforms for what they do. Dynamics, Salesforce, etc... they just don't do it all that well for HEIs, that's all.

We coded from the ground up by listening to some very focussed and successful UK Universities. Our platform regularly passes scrutiny from ITS and InfoSec professionals keen to procure low-maintenance, high security systems. Universities running Microsoft environments know that Student CRM plays very nicely and choose to run both.



We believe that implementing your first (or a replacement) CRM should not be difficult. We have experience, procedures, solutions and good old-fashioned common sense to get your new CRM implemented on time. Project Management can run smoothly. We have capable and experienced project teams ready to work side-by-side with you to ensure quick wins and long-term stability.



We have designed the software with usability in mind. The interface is clean and easy to use, allowing your team to quickly get up to speed and become proficient in using the many powerful tools built in to Student CRM.

Our on-boarding, training and support skills have earned us our reputation of providing the UK's best loved Student CRM. See our Love-o-meter for proof.



  • Consultancy
  • Implementation
  • Technical & Data
  • Training
  • Support



Here at Data Harvesting we are all brought up on a diet of accountability, openness, professionalism and integrity.

Our open company culture makes us easy to approach and rewarding to work with.

Just to be safe we continually measure our performance against the following SLAs: Support response times, Customer Satisfaction and Platform availability.

Read our Customer Charter here.