RFM Score measures engagement

By analysing not just recent but also all historic student interactions, it calculates and keeps updating the RFM cell and the Customer Engagement Score (CES) for every student. For prospects and in-life.

The score is calculated behind the scenes and is displayed in each student's Record Card. When scores drop from the 3rd or 4th quartile down into the 2nd or 1st, it's time to take action and restore those students with an intervention. Start with a personalised email or SMS, or download the data for off-platform activity.



Although the new CES values are kept updated daily on each Student’s record card, only on the last day of each week is that CES stored as a weekly value in the CES Log.

This weekly logging allows you to track week-by-week progress on a per-student or per segment basis. This helps to determine the effectiveness over time of your recruitment and support activities. If the average CES value across all students is increasing each week, then you are effectively engaging your students.