Schools, Employers & Alumni: Executive Summary

Managing external relationships requires a dedicated online solution. We recognise that you need a better way of storing your contacts than in a spreadsheet. You need our online central Contact Manager app that can tell the difference between a partner school, a local employer offering placements or an alumnus. We have the solution.


  • Store multiple contacts under each School.
  • Assign user-defined positions to your contacts.
  • Send personalised SMS or email campaigns to just one segment, ie: 'Heads of Science in Schools in the Birmingham postcode area'.
  • Create tasks to visit schools.
  • Send resources to Partner Schools.
  • Keep a record of all activities against each school and the individual contacts involved.

online Central records system

  • Bring all your offline spreadsheets together online.
  • Create as many users in as many teams as you like.
  • Assign strict permissions, ie: all Alumni can only be managed by your Alumni Team.
  • Stores all the fields you need, including: social media, mobile phone, home address, place of work etc.
  • Record all activity against each contact and organisation.
  • Use QuickSearch to find any contact in 3 keystrokes.


  • Store all historic alumni records here.
  • Automatically add graduating students as new Alumni.
  • All graduation events are linked to each Alumnus.
  • Store home address and Employer's details too.
  • Send personalised SMS or email campaigns to just one segment, ie: 'Studied a Law programme, Graduated in 13/14 and lives in the UK'.
  • Send quarterly enewsletters with content based on faculty, programme, graduation year, etc.


  • Create head office / branch relationships between organisations.
  • View all employees under one organisation.
  • Search tags, ie: 'placements' to quickly find who to call.
  • Upload documents (ppt, pptx, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, gif, jpg/jpeg, png, pdf, csv) ie: Health & Safety PDF report with an expiry date.
  • Define relationship types to best describe how you work with each organisation.