Join the User Group and shape the future.

  • Meet-ups under our belt so far: 16

  • Last meet-up: Thursday 17th January 2019

  • Next meet-up: Wednesday 24th April 2019

Any user can join the User Group and help to shape the product. In this outstandingly collegiate environment, the group holds a meet-up every 2 months at a different member University. There users all exchange best practice, discuss emerging challenges and materially affect future product features.

Users request features and we build them. That's how Student CRM stays relevant and continually meets users' needs.

Want to attend the next meet-up? If you are using Student CRM and would like to be involved in the group and attend the next meet-up, please contact Ricky Pitcher, CRM Executive at City University London on Ricky.Pitcher@city.ac.uk or 020 7040 4241. While City helps to coordinate the group, they’re keen to point out all Universities have equal standing.