Mobile Event Capture app iOS6 update

IMPORTANT: if you are thinking about upgrading your iPad software from iOS 5 to iOS 6, read this carefully first: Following Apple's recent iOS 6 update, we have released a new version of our Mobile Event app.

BEFORE you update to iOS 6 you will need to:

  • Sync any existing data stored in the Mobile Event Capture app.
  • Remove the app from your homescreen by tapping and holding on the app icon until it begins to shake. Then press the cross in the upper left-hand corner to remove the app.
  • Then open the Settings on the iPad, tap Safari, then tap Clear Cookies and Data. (This will remove all website data from your iPad. Ensure that you do not have any other important website data on the iPad.)
  • You are then ready to update to iOS 6.

AFTER updating to iOS 6:

  • Log in to the CRM and open Mobile Event Capture on your iPad.
  • Navigate to the 'Download' tab.
  • Tap the 'Download' button.
  • When the app has finished installing, follow the onscreen instructions to add the app to your homescreen.

Once the app has been added to your homescreen, you are ready to get out there and collect some more student details!