Universities register Open Day attendees with tiny barcode scanner

Do you scan barcodes to register students at your open days, and keep queues to a minimum?

Only if you are using Data Harvesting's Pre-Applicant Open Days or Applicant Open Days apps, that produce personalised programmes for each student with a barcode printed on.


Welcome each student personally and scan their barcode to keep the queues down.  The next generation of handheld barcode scanners* are so small you can wear one on a lanyard all day and scan each student in less than a second.

No more bottlenecks as students arrive – clients using our system easily scan several thousand students using these barcode scanners.

Monitor registrations and attendance, and student feedback, via our reports.

  • improve internal workflows
  • replace repetitive human tasks and eliminate human error
  • reduce processing costs
  • speed up fulfillment turnaround times
  • reduce traditional costs
  • free up your key staff to concentrate on core tasks

* Our system works perfectly with the wonderful pocket-sized Opticon OPN-2001 Barcode Scanner