It's all about going mobile at events

Coming to a CRM near you soon...

This Summer we're launching our new and improved Mobile Event Capture app, set to change the way in which you collect data at recruitment events and open days.

It's very exciting news for recruitment and admissions offices across the UK as it'll decrease admin time spent collecting data, reduce user error and ensure that your university complies with the Data Protection Act.


Instead of collecting student data asking them to write their details on pieces of paper and deciphering their handwriting later on, our DH Mobile app allows students to directly type their details onto an iPad on the event stand without the need for Wifi.

After the event, when the data is synced, all attendees will receive a thank you email as specified in your touchpoints. By default they'll also receive a follow-up email 7 days after the event, and another one 14 days after to keep your establishment at the forefront of their minds.


You can choose to collect as much or as little data as you like and the data capture page will be fully branded to match your university's brand guidelines. You'll see full reporting in the back end for your all-important objectives and KPIs for each recruitment event.

It'll be available in the App store in the next couple of months. Watch this space for the official launch date.