Student CRM doubles open day bookings for IOE

The world’s leading centre for education, the Institute of Education (IOE), doubled their online open day bookings with Student CRM as a major contributing factor for its success.

The CRM recorded 1,171 registrations leading up to the open day which is almost double last year's figures. With approximately 800 attendees arriving on the day this was an attendance rate of almost 70%.

A key member of the marketing team commented: [quote]The success of our most recent open day is attributed to several factors; the timing of the event, our recent outstanding Ofsted inspection, our number 1 QS World University Ranking for Education and of course the Student CRM. The ease of booking online meant we were able to capture more data online and communicate more effectively with students leading up to the event.[/quote]

Another member of the team stated; [quote]The CRM seems to have worked! Managing our open day bookings within Student CRM meant that not only did we double last year’s figures, but we had to rethink our registration process as many more people arrived than originally anticipated which is a great feat for all involved.[/quote]

To cope with the influx of students at the next open day event, the IOE are considering scanning barcodes. The IOE team can each use a tiny barcode scanner, worn on a lanyard and not much bigger than a USB stick, to welcome students by scanning their personalised schedule generated online by the Student CRM when registering.

After the success of the open day, touchpoints were scheduled to broadcast personalised communications to attendees and non-attendees to offer them more information about studying at IOE. Attendees were also sent a link to a post-event survey, created in the Student CRM, so their feedback could be used to help plan the next open day.