Student CRM - (not) born in the USA

Not only is our Student CRM homegrown in the UK, it's homegrown right here in our office in sunny Poole, by our team of expert developers.


Our student recruitment software is a UK cloud-based SaaS that users can't help falling in love with. Being UK-based we offer the kind of immediate customer support you can rely on. During your UK working hours too. No state-side dependencies.

Being in the UK is a big thing. Turning up to our offices here in Poole on the South Coast is a lovely way to start each day at the office. Being available on the phone for your team is so convenient for you.

As the Student CRM is our very own solution, we're constantly innovating, evolving and developing our solution to stay ahead of the game within the student recruitment industry. This means regularly reviewing our current apps and maintaining our roadmap of exciting new apps for the future.


Our UK-based support team is also here in Poole (they sit right next to our Developers) and help to set it up and make it work for your recruitment team. We host a initial face to face training session either on campus or 'down South' in our offices (so you can explore the beautiful coastline and enjoy a delicious lunch on us).

This also means anyone from our Customer Service team is available to speak with you during the UK working day, so if you've got any questions just pick up the phone. We are here.

Just contact us if you'd like a non-committal demo, and one of our team can show you how you could be recruiting your students.