Waving the flag for international students

world-cup football

To celebrate this week's kick-off for the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brasil, we're focusing on the importance of international student recruitment.

Out of the £17 billion generated by universities each year, £10 billion of that comes from overseas students which makes international student recruitment a booming part of any university's student recruitment. This equates to more than 488,000 international students with the British Council predicting this will increase by 25% within the next ten years.

With the rising number of international students, Student CRM can make the student journey simpler for recruitment teams, and seamless for students.

Capturing student data is invaluable for international recruitment teams with the first interaction likely to be at a recruitment fair.

Our Mobile Event Capture app is instrumental in starting the international recruitment journey as students use an iPad to type their details directly into the app, which later syncs with the CRM and triggers the touchpoints and ongoing targeted communication with those students. With recruitment teams traveling the world collecting student details, speed and accuracy is key.

Many of our clients also benefit from having a specific Application form on their website dedicated to international students who wish to apply, and filtering directly into the Applications app in the CRM.

Check out how Applications could enhance your international student recruitment and improve the way you collect data with Mobile Event Capture.