DH Mobile enhances international student recruitment at City University London

International Officers at City University London use iPads running DH Mobile to collect student data at overseas recruitment events.

Martin Maule, Senior International Officer at City University London, recently attended student recruitment events across Europe and further afield. Martin has collected the details of almost 1,000 students from Poland, Germany, Italy, Turkey and USA since September 2014.

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Martin and his team were able to choose the forms depending on which country they were recruiting in and start collecting student details offline. Once connected to the internet back in the hotel, the team simply synchronised the data to import the new student details directly into Student CRM. Automated email communications could be sent before they've got back to the UK to promote studying at City University London.

Martin highly recommends the app;

"The DH Mobile app has really helped improve the information we obtain from our overseas recruitment activities. The form is very easy to complete for our enquirers and it is very easy to setup the event pages. If you are looking for a way to gather good data more effectively then this is a good option."

Mobile Event Capture allows City University London's international recruitment teams to collect data quickly and effortlessly using iPads and start engaging with the students instantly using pre-defined workflows. Forms can be tailored for different events, branded with City University London's logo and whichever fields required for the data they need to capture.

See how DH Mobile can enhance your university's domestic and international student recruitment.