In-house CRM systems vs Student CRM

Many universities use homegrown, in-house CRM systems built by their IT departments. In the short term it seems like a great idea but quickly becomes difficult to sustain and recruit students over the longer term.

While building something in-house may seem like a good idea in terms of customisation, budget and utilising the resources in other departments, in the long run it'll set you back from the competition who have chosen to buy in a professional CRM to improve their student recruitment results, leveraging the vast experience and capabilities of a dedicated educational CRM provider.

In our experience of listening to universities, in-house systems can be clunky, take a long time to develop from the ground up, quickly become out of date and can be difficult to use. Student CRM on the other hand, not only easily integrates with many other internal systems but is also robust as it's undergone rigorous security testing to ensure your student data is safe.

Our sound advice is to leave it to the experts (us). Here's why:

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