Recruit more students with Student CRM

Each of our 21 apps has been specifically designed to help recruitment teams fully engage with all students using a variety of recruitment activities.

A combination of targeted marketing to your prospective students and automated logging of each interaction within a central CRM enhances a student's likeliness to choose you.

Recruitment teams can capture, engage with and recruit students as well as manage, market and analyse data within Student CRM by choosing any combination of our apps to tailor Student CRM to suit each university's specific needs.

circular infographic

The Student CRM Student Database app forms the centre of all recruitment activity. Each student's interaction with a university or college is recorded in here. It forms a complete history of two-way communications with all students.

The next ring contains apps which run through the majority of our other apps so your recruitment team can personalise, segment and target students with automated communications sent by various touchpoints.

The next ring out displays the apps which help you to build a stronger relationship with your prospective students via Enquiries, Applicant Open Days, Prospectus Requests, Surveys amongst others. These help you to engage and get to know the students.

The outer ring shows that the combined activities and apps will help you to capture, recruit, market manage, engage, communicate and analyse your student recruitment activity.

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