Why students love responsive booking forms

Clients of Student CRM are seeing an increased response by using responsive booking forms.

A responsive booking form intelligently sizes itself to your device, with large clear text and easy navigation. Traditional booking forms just look tiny and can be almost impossible to complete on a handheld device with a small screen.

students on phones

Student CRM's Pre-Applicant Open Days and Applicant Open Days apps have been specifically built to recognise whether to display a form for desktop or mobile. Displaying responsive forms makes them more likely to be completed by busy students during the decision-making process.

Managing Director Dominic Yeadon summed up;

"With the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets among students, it makes sense for all student facing web forms to be responsive.

Our clients have noticed a steady rise in the number of forms completed by students using handheld devices, almost eliminating the form abandonment rate overnight. More bookings mean more enrolments and that keeps our clients very happy."

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