Student CRM launches Contact Manager

CTM people dash

Looking for a way to keep your HE and FE business contacts and employment partners up-to-date and informed in a central location, without juggling multiple spreadsheets or software?

Student CRM is no longer just for students, but for your alumni, headteachers and suppliers too! You can manage individual relationships with your contacts as well as sending personalised SMS and email campaigns by segmenting key contact groups.

Find all Headteachers in Manchester, with the tag 'top performer' and send a personalised email campaign to them in a few clicks.

Send a personalised SMS to your 'class of 2013' alumni living in the UK.

It boasts clever new features such as:

  • A dashboard of recent activities and pictured contacts
  • Quick search which displays results as you type, in real-time
  • Enhanced Grab feature to segment and target your contacts
  • Complete contact history including edits and activities
  • The ability to add tasks and notes to a person or organisation
  • Flexible tagging for simple searching
  • Reports displaying a break down of your communication channels

If you'd like a 3 month free trial of our popular Contact Manager just click the button below of call us on 01202 477855.