Student recruiters already know this

You are run off your feet at the moment. Students are making decisions, assessing the competition, attending open days and about to receive exam results. You know you need to make sure your university is at the forefront of their minds during this critical decision-making process and enhance your university's chances of being a top choice. You already know that more UK universities are using marketing automation features in Educational CRMs to lighten this heavy load.

Did you know that Student CRM does all this and more for you?

  • Use Emojis to increase engagement
  • Personalise messages to nurture the relationship
  • Send a series of text messages, emails and campaigns to build familiarity
  • Automate touchpoints so Student CRM continues to market to your students (without your team having to manually do each one)
  • Clever reporting so you can see where your students come from

Using a multi-channelled approach to attract students' attention, Student CRM allows universities to pre-schedule workflows and touchpoints to continue marketing to them long after initial contact has been made.

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