Her question "my dog?", your answer "yes" 🐶

In this screenshot, the student got an answer to her question immediately. She just typed in her question and got an instant answer from the Data Harvesting Q&A web form on your university web site.  

Searching through thousands of articles in your own knowledge base within Q&A returns results that help your students along their recruitment journey. Even when your officers are busy or your offices are closed, this self-service online tool keeps working.


Such anonymous student interactions are somewhat inevitable in the early stages of recruitment, but these light touches soon blossom into data capture and a personalised journey to application for many students.

Q&A is just one of a number of ready-to-go recruitment solutions within Student CRM that improve the way you recruit students online.

Student CRM was built in the UK specifically to meet the unique challenges faced by UK Universities. It runs in the cloud and is used by many of the UK's leading Universities in preference to their old systems.

As at 16:58 today, our customer satisfaction rating see our love-o-meter stands at an industry leading 98.4%.