Human customer support

At Data Harvesting, we're known for our attention to detail and excellent post-implementation customer support, which we showcase in our live customer satisfaction rating, our Love-o-meter.

Our Love-o-meter currently displays a customer satisfaction rate of 98.4%, higher than the national average for a technology company. Our team is here to help, from template changes, to form fields, open day setup and adding new course groups.

We are transparent and display the good and the bad feedback.

Here's just a few most recent comments from our clients:

"Very speedy and responsive to the issue."

"Excellent and speedy support from the team."

"Very quick turnaround, thank you."

"Excellent and prompt service."

"Work was completed as requested in a timely manner."

There's a bad one in there too. Told you we were transparent, and human. 


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