Mx - Universities supporting gender neutrality

Gender neutral titles in Student CRM forms

Data Harvesting has updated all client web forms to support the title 'Mx' for students who complete University web forms, such as Open Day Bookings, Enquiries, Prospectus Requests etc.

‘Mx’ is a gender neutral alternative to the traditional gender options of Mr, Mrs, Miss and Ms; for students who do not identify with male/female traditional genders, are non-binary, or transgender.

Dom Yeadon, Founder and Managing Director of Data Harvesting: "this is not just a web form issue, it's actually about helping UK Universities to support gender neutrality from the very first time a prospective student makes contact with their chosen university. This is a cultural shift towards the gender neutral inclusivity that will define how universities think of and support all students. 

Whilst all public-sector bodies will be rolling out similar changes to their web forms in time, we are pleased to say that all Data Harvesting Universities now support gender neutrality on their web forms."