Timing is... everything

Gone are the days when students would make their decision based solely upon who has the best league table ranking.

Getting your timing right throughout the entire recruitment process is critical.

Making sure each student interaction is followed up within an appropriate length of time. Ensuring their request for information triggers an automated and personalised email with the information they need (of course, the student doesn't need to think about whether it's an automated response as it's personalised to them and is signed off from Jane in the Enquiries team - thanks Jane!) It carries the right tone, content, reassurance and is contained in a nicely crafted email design that reassures the student. After all, first impressions do count.

Savvy students are doing their research and going with their intuition. Why should overseas students wait a week for their prospectus to arrive when they can have it emailed to them instantly? Having timely emails and targeted communications sent to them at just the right time helps to inform the all-important decision-making process. 

A good CRM will enable your recruitment, admissions and international teams to pre-populate a series of targeted emails, SMS and direct mail based upon various triggers. If someone requests a prospectus, why not invite them to an open day via a postcard a week later? If someone sends an enquiry online, it makes sense to send them an instant email offering them various solutions doesn't it?

Give your prospective students a consistent and professional journey by using personalised and timely automated communications from Student CRM. 

Reduce manual tasks for your team, set up multiple workflows and touchpoints to automatically send appropriate emails students based upon their actions. With a growing choice of courses at over 150+ universities in the UK, you need a competitive advantage to help the students choose YOU.

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