Announcing the Event Day Scanner app (iOS and Android)

Event Day Scanner is a powerful new app that helps take away the stress of registering visitors to your university’s events.


Gone are the days of struggling with sheaves of paper, gremlin-infested handheld barcode scanners, or other clunky methods. Instead, this simple app works on smartphones and tablets, on iOS and Android, to quickly and easily get your attendees registered and marked as attending in Student CRM.

Now your student ambassadors can use their own smartphones to securely scan thousands of visitors’ barcodes, right across the campus. All registrants get instantly synced into the Cloud to give you real-time reporting throughout the day.

Founder and Managing Director Dom Yeadon commented:

“Your university’s student ambassadors can now quickly scan visitors’ barcodes to register attendance using nothing more than an ordinary smartphone or tablet, eliminating any need for special hand-held scanners or software.

This finally fixes the long-standing pain of fighting gremlins seemingly built into every third-party handheld barcode scanner we have ever recommended to our users.

Plus, this app is free.”


With Event Day Scanner you’ve one less thing to worry about. Discover more ways Student CRM can make your recruitment easier.