Is this your University's student enquiry workflow?

Their very first enquiry builds each Student's record in Student CRM, and every subsequent interaction adds to the bigger picture. All enquiries and answers are stored in a CMA-friendly way. Also great to know that, besides being compliant, your enquiries team is also being prompt, efficient, accurate and building up a rich data set for student recruitment colleagues to make great use of.

If your enquiry workflow doesn't get delivered like this (out of the box), then you could get a huge boost to your recruitment efficiency by using Data Harvesting's Student CRM.

Is yours just like this?

NB: Enquiries can also be received via email (but a web form generates more structured data).

Integrate a branded online enquiry form into your university's website to allow students to ask questions about studying at your university, and to capture additional student details to build the relationship.

These enquiries filter into Student CRM and are channelled to the relevant department ready for a member of your university team to respond. All enquiries and responses are stored centrally against the student's record so that your colleagues can view the full history of interaction. 

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