CAMPAIGNS & Workflows

Strategic campaigns and automated comms for your university


automated workflows

Create workflows to deliver targeted touchpoints to your students at the appropriate point in their journey, ie: 'all UCAS applicants whose applications have just moved from conditional offer to conditional firm, get an immediate personalised email with content 'abc...'.

Workflows can also include conditional texts, so if both students on a Workflow have different values, ie: 'Subject = Law' and 'Subject = Engineering', one touchpoint can insert the correct conditional text as it sends to both at once.


Strategic campaigns

Communicate via personalised emails, SMS, letters and labels.

In a few minutes you can create segments to deliver targeted messages to your students, ie: 'all prospectus requests who are interested in the subject 'Engineering' for YOE 2016'.

You can send out a personalised email or SMS campaign merging in values from a range of students fields, including YOE, Subject, Course, Name and Address, Faculty, etc.



Create and store HTML email templates that can merge in your content as it is broadcast.

All you do is create your own message, format it, send yourself a preview and you are ready to broadcast.

This has been built to be fast and easy to use, and still produce branded, personalised content with no HTML skills required.

Set up different templates per department and easily update the University branding for each new season.



Your university's workflows run 24:7:365. They are fast, accurate and always ready.

During any typical open day journey from booking to attendance, for every 1,000 bookings your automated workflows will create and send out as many as 10,000 emails, SMS, labels for postcards, brochure packs and so on. Each one sent at exactly the right time and with accurate, branded and personalised merge content.

This ability to stay in touch throughout ensures relevant and timely communications, and leads to higher engagement and ultimately conversion rates.