The StUDent Journey

Drive student enquiries through university application to enrolment and beyond. 


Your Student CRM calculates six KPIs daily:

Interested, Engaged, Applied, Accepted, Enrolled and Conversion Rate.

These can be filtered by Dept, YOE, Faculty, Level of Study within our Enterprise Reporting app. By using Student CRM you have visibility of how you are performing against targets throughout the recruitment lifecycle.

For BI connectivity, use our APIs in the Dev Centre.


Your university's student recruitment funnel is wide at the top as thousands of enquiries arrive each year.

Along the journey some will engage with your recruitment activities (school visits, prospectuses, UCAS events, Pre-Applicant and Applicant open days, until they apply, and so the funnel narrows.

Those who accept and enrol have made it all the way to the end of the funnel. And you have tracked every step of the way.


student conversion


Your Student CRM plays a key role in ensuring the engagement levels are monitored and remain as high as possible throughout the journey.

By combining tactical recruitment campaigns managed by your team, with automated Workflow and Touchpoint communications, you ensure only relevant and timely information is delivered.


You may be part-way through the year and find your Admissions team have received 16,404 UG applications, and be 7% up on this year's target.

Or that might all change in the next 4 weeks, but at least you can see those changes and measure your performance against your own targets. You set the targets for each KPI in advance and can adjust whenever you need to.

Your own numbers are unique to your establishment.

student engagement

No two UK Universities are the same.

Just as your Planning Team sets out recruitment targets per level, faculty, course, YOE etc - so Student CRM helps you to learn which recruitment activities (and combinations of recruitment activities) are generating successful outcomes.


when does the journey end?

Our vision is to extend Student CRM so you can track everything a student does after Enrolment, through tuition to graduation, into employment and onwards as an alumnus.

Be a part of that journey with us.