Flattering prospectuses ‘mislead’ students

David Matthews writes in his article in THE that some University marketing materials do not always reveal the true picture.

Universities invest a considerable amount of time and money each year planning, designing and writing their prospectus, painting an idyllic picture of university life. Some are also however embellishing facts and polishing certain statistics in order to promote themselves. Mmmmm. Desperate measures in tough times?

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Here at Data Harvesting we believe that time spent on engagement is the better alternative. Authentic engagement.

Improving the process of actually getting your prospectus to the student and facilitating proper engagement with your institution should be the goal. Leverage the powerful features of today's modern student recruitment systems like our Student CRM, which manages the whole process simply and efficiently, doing the hard work for you.

How a CRM builds trust and authenticity into messaging.

When a student visits your University website, do they engage like Sam in this example?

  • At 11:00am Student Sam completes the online Prospectus Requests form.
  • She gets an instant, personalised, branded email thanking her and confirming that her prospectus will be posted soon (AUTO).
  • At 3pm a PDF file of ready-to-print labels is automatically emailed to Recruitment Officer Chris in the office who mails out prospectuses each day. Sam’s address is in that daily file and gets posted out.
  • Sam’s prospectus arrives by post the next day.
  • One week after requesting, Sam gets a personalised email with more useful information (AUTO).
  • Another week later, Sam gets an email with a link to book on an Open day (AUTO).

AUTO: set up in advance and 100% branded with business rules and merged personalised content, these communications increase your accuracy, responsiveness and engagement appeal. Our Student CRM’s Prospectus Request app allows students to request a prospectus by post, download or email and follows up each student with a personalised contact plan to ensure student satisfaction with an accurate and instant automated service.

So as you can see, it’s all very well attracting new students with brightly coloured, smiley-faced prospectuses oozing with exciting “facts” but this needs to be backed up with a professional automated engagement process which allows you to follow the student journey through the initial enquiry, prospectus, open day, application and on to enrolment.

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