Answer students' email enquiries faster with Inbound Emails

We have released our new 'Inbound Emails' feature that makes email enquiries much easier to handle.

When a student sends you an email enquiring about studying at your University, how do you know if you already have that student in your Student CRM?

How do you add that email as an enquiry for your Student CRM team to deal with, ideally alongside the other enquiries that come in from your website's Enquiry form?

Use the new Inbound Emails feature to automatically create new enquiries in your Enquiries app.


Simply forward any student enquiry email from your inbox to the Student CRM, and make it easy to handle all your enquiries within your Enquiries app in the Student CRM instead of relying upon your email inbox.

Seconds later, the email arrives in your Enquiries app. You simply read it and reply. If you like you can edit the message to remove any unwanted text to tidy it up.

A new student record is automatically created in your Student Database (unless that student already exists, in which case the enquiry is added to the student's record). Your department can even set up a new rule / redirect from your inbox which automatically forwards emails to the Student CRM, hands-free.

Clever stuff huh?!

And the best bit? It's completely free and already waiting in your Enquiries app for you to start using.

That's not all, we've got more exciting features to announce later on this month.