Student CRM Recruitment Funnel

Do you know what your University's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are for the current recruitment cycle?

  • How engaged are your prospects?
  • How many will apply?
  • How many will enrol?

The Student CRM Recruitment Funnel below displays the journey a student makes from initial enquiry (alongside tens of thousands of others) all the way down the funnel to enrolment (a few thousand) at the bottom.


KPIs help you to simplify your numerous and often quite separate recruitment activities into simple numbers.

Take the following sample figures:

  • KPI 1: Interested = 50,000 prospects
  • KPI 2: Engaged = 20,000 prospects
  • KPI 3: Applied = 10,000 applicants
  • KPI 4: Accepted = 3,000 applicants
  • KPI 5: Enrolled = 2,950 students

From these KPIs you can see your engagement rate is 40%, your conversion rate is 29.5%, and so on. This information supports your recruitment decision-making for the rest of this cycle and into future cycles too.

KPIs play a vital part in helping you shape your student recruitment activities.

The student recruitment process becomes more and more focussed as the student moves down the funnel, becoming more interested and closer to applying, accepting and enrolling. Therefore it is important that your CRM supports your team effortlessly ensuring consistent communication with students, engaging with them fully at every stage of the process by sending automated communications from your specified workflows and touchpoints.