Your international treasure chest

A recent article in THE written by Jim Northover states that UK institutions aiming to reach overseas student markets must keep branding firmly in mind.


It is clear that the UK government sees international higher education as a key potential source of income for the country and that it is ambitious for growth. It is estimated that international student numbers will grow by as much as 20% over the next 5 years, resulting in 90,000 additional students. That's A LOT of new students for universities to market to and target. Luckily Student CRM makes the whole student journey a simple process for the recruitment teams, even sending an email or text message to students in the database on their birthday.

University College London seems to be following the government’s suggestion to tailor-make courses to suit other nations’ requirements, while claiming consistency with its own brand positioning as “London’s global university” making them attractive to both UK and overseas students.

Our Student CRM's courses app is excellent for managing different courses for different entry years and can easily be amended to add additional ones.

With all these extra students in the UK competing for places on courses within top universities, Student CRM ensures that the student journey from initial enquiry and prospectus request, to open days and applications is smooth and seamless.

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