It's all about YOU


We're all about relationships. If it wasn't for our users then we wouldn't be here. Which is why we put our customers at the heart of everything we do. We're driven by YOU, our customers.

Once you become a customer of Data Harvesting (or a VIP as we like to call you) then you'll be able to access all areas. You'll have the ability to submit a feature request for us to potentially build into the system in the future.

[quote]Good software NEVER stands still.[/quote]

We'll review your feature request, and if it's successful, it'll get put to the vote - all users can vote towards the feature request which they'd most like to see within Student CRM. We're all in this together. Afterall, you're the people who use it on a daily basis!


We want to work with you to make Student CRM EVEN better than it already is, whether you've got a snazzy new idea for an app or would like an extra button in one of the apps to make life easier, quicker, faster or more efficient... It's all about making your life as a user, much easier to do what you do best - recruit your students. Users are recognised for ideas which make the final grade, and get a little bit famous.

We've constantly got people knocking at the DH:HQ doors to become part of our top secret community; see our roadmap for the future and become a VIP to contribute towards the success of Student CRM.

Our product is going wherever the users want to take it. You provide the very best ideas, and we'll provide the developers.

We're yours.