Save valuable time with Student CRM

Student CRM is a game-changer in the world of student recruitment. Recruitment teams love how it saves them time, reduces admin and makes them far more effective when marketing to students - from initial enquiry through to enrolment.

Move faster and get better results

Segmentation and targeting in a couple of clicks

Recruitment and marketing teams need to select specific groups of students to segment and target in specific campaigns.

The Grab function allows teams to search and filter through various different search criteria within a few clicks, and start marketing to those students.

Automated touchpoints to keep in touch with students

Your recruitment teams can be safe in the knowledge that even when they're not at work, the pre-scheduled touchpoints can be working for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by marketing your university or college to prospective students.

Prospectus requests are automatically fulfilled and student interactions are all stored in one central place which forms the foundation for all recruitment activities.

Personalised communications makes stronger marketing materials

Sending personalised texts, emails and printed material from within Student CRM to prospective students is highly effective and is part of the automated process, effortlessly pulling in names from the student database and merging into communications.

Open day ease

There's no need to race against the clock. Organising open days becomes an efficient set of tasks leading up to your open day season.

Follow up emails after open days can be planned in advance, so you only have to do it once for it to take effect for all future students within Student CRM.

Students who attended can receive a "Thank you for attending our open day" email, whereas non-attendees can automatically receive a "Sorry we didn't get to meet you today. Would you like to book onto another open day?" email, without you needing to touch a button.

One of our users recently commented:

"I'm already falling in love with the system. My admin is so minimal for students, enabling me to have a quicker response rate."

Another university stated:

"Time spent administering the open day has been reduced and all KPIs have been documented and recorded in the Student CRM for us to measure subsequent open days against."