University applications rise 4% in the UK

According to an article this week by the BBC, a record number of students have been accepted onto university courses this Autumn.

By the end of June 2014, 659,030 students had submitted applications which is a 4% increase on last year.

Director of Fair Access to Higher Education Professor Les Ebdon said:

"These figures are excellent news. Applicants are clearly recognising the advantages of higher education and are embarking on a potentially life-changing journey. At the same time, our economy and society will continue to benefit from a consistent supply of highly-qualified graduates."

With more students than ever to manage through the enrolment process it makes sense for recruitment teams to have systems in place to cope with the increase in demand.


Student recruitment software such as Student CRM can simplify the application process and alleviate stress and demand on key members of staff by automating communications, helping them to edit and send offer letters, create a document history, add conditions, refer the applicant for a second opinion and generating real-time status reports within one central point.

The Student CRM Applications app is hugely popular with universities and colleges as it is the only truly integrated online applications service of its kind available to HE and FE institutions in the country.

Each application can be categorised and progressed based on different conditions throughout the application cycle. Automatic touch-points keep the applicant updated meaning that processing applications has never been easier.

University College Birmingham recently experienced a 20% increase in their applications due to using our Applications app to manage new students.

The BBC article can be read here.