Manage online applications efficiently

Our Applications app is one of our 21 pick and mix apps that make up the Student CRM. It replaces your paper applications with an online application form that increases your conversion rate whilst reducing your workload.

Our online Applications app gets a lot of attention because it is the only truly integrated online applications service of its kind available to HE and FE institutions in the UK. It makes life a whole lot easier for your Admissions teams in:

  • FE applications (Domestic and International)
  • HE Postgraduate applications (Domestic and International)
  • HE Graduate applications (Domestic and International)

In common with all our Student CRM apps, this keeps your CRM's Student Database updated with all new applications submitted by students, whether via UCAS or directly via your own branded online Application Form (that we create and host for you).

See and manage your applications in the Student CRM's Applications app

As each application has its status updated (even the applications going through UCAS) the CRM can send out personalised automatic touchpoints (email, SMS, letter, etc) to support your conversion activities every day.

Your direct applicants stay updated by the CRM as they make their way through each stage of the application cycle. It has built in tools that help you to support the student as you progress their application, for example all you click is click one button to perform tasks like:

  • Make changes to the offer before sending it to the applicant
  • Send Offer Letter
  • Send an email to the applicant with the link to their Offer Letter
  • Refer the application for a second opinion
  • Send an email to the applicant to chase outstanding conditions
  • Upload a document into the repository for this application
  • Satisfy a condition on this application
  • Reject application
  • Mark deposit for this application as paid
  • Withdraw this application

Your Admissions teams can manage every application in a clear interface, generating minute-by-minute status reports on just how many applicants you are processing.