Life before :( and after :) Student CRM


"What's so good about Student CRM?" we hear you ask.

Reduced admin time

With Student CRM, communications can be automated and personalised (hands-free!) which frees up time for key staff to concentrate on other areas of recruitment and marketing.

Increased student engagement

Targeted, consistent, personalised and automated communications keeps students engaged, interested and more likely to choose YOU.

Happier teams

Departments are more motivated and productive as all inbound and outbound student activity is stored centrally, allowing your team to communicate with students effortlessly, in less time and with all KPIs logged and monitored.

Enhanced tracking

All student activity is recorded and analysed in handy reports for each activity, allowing recruitment teams to dip into Student CRM to see the progress of applications, bookings and enquiries in real-time.

Increased ROI

Our customers see a good Return On Investment as a direct result of reduced admin time, automated communications, instant reporting and more engaged students. This improves student satisfaction and leads to increased conversion rates too.

Top notch security

Storing all student data within one central database keeps your data safe and secure for all departments, complying with the Data Protection Act and improving the student experience. Everyone's a winner!

This is how a Student Recruitment solution should be. We're on YOUR side!