Marketing automation increases student conversion

Automated communications can reduce your admin and increase your reach

Personalised automated communications have proven to be highly effective for users of Student CRM in engaging and recruiting more students. Once workflows and touchpoints have been set up, Student CRM builds the relationship long after the event has finished.

automated communications

Personalised emails and texts

Touchpoints can have merge fields to pull in specific information such as the student's name and course giving them the impression it's been sent specifically to them, but freeing up vital time for key personnel.

Ensure consistency across all communications

Pre-populating a series of touchpoints ensures your tone is consistent across all communication channels. You can also ensure that all communications conform to your brand guidelines.

Reach more students

By automating communications from within Student CRM, Universities can reach more students at any one time, whether it's thanking them for attending an open day, reminding them about their campus tour, inviting them to order a prospectus or answering their enquiry. Each triggered set of pre-set touchpoints makes your communications almost hands-free for your team.

Reduce human error

Instead of manually answering enquiries each time a new one is submitted by a prospective student, your knowledge bank of answers already exists which your team can top and tail, so there is no fear of omissions or typos.

Speedier communications

After an event, instead of typing up your list and deciphering students' handwriting, your data will have already filtered through Student CRM with communications lined up to be sent almost immediately. Meaning that on a Saturday evening after an open day, your attendees will be followed up with a thank you email, and your non-attendees will be invited to another open day without your team needing to lift a finger. Student CRM builds the relationship for you.

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