Student CRM Calendar now in your Outlook and Google

Need to look ahead at any recruitment events taking bookings in Student CRM for next month? How many Open Days are you running next year? Now you can view everything from your Outlook or Google calendar (and click to manage each event in Student CRM from your calendar).

With our Calendar app you can view a day, week or month at a time to for all recruitment events across our five event apps - Applicant Open Days, Pre-Applicant Open Days, Event Manager, Mobile Event Capture and Contact Manager.

Features include:

  • Roll your own colour-coded calendar
  • Show and hide various views
  • Jump directly from the Calendar to each listed event
  • See live and draft events
  • See past and future activities
  • Display as Day, Week or Month
  • Easy to add by URL in your Google Calendar
  • Easy to add URL as an Internet calendar in Outlook

Would you like a demo of our new Calendar app? Simply click the button below.